Howdy Town Square Dental!
Here's your proposal for review.
To the Town Square Dental Team,
Here's a breakdown of proposed services and related quotes to allow you to understand what to expect and choose what will best fit your needs. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and Christa, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out or relay them through Christa.
Proposed Services
It's all about communicating the message of your quality and trustworthiness.
"Meet the Doctor" Video
Introduce future patients to who you are and your story so they can start to have a relationship with you before you even meet them, like how many feel like they already 'know' a celebrity.
Testimonial Video
Nothing vouches for credibility like word of mouth and a testimonial video does exactly that at scale. It takes a lot for someone to put their face and name behind an endorsement and people know it.
Office Tour Video
Just like a kitchen people like to know that the medical office they'll be visiting is clean, comfortable, and potentially even has a nice view. A tour video let's them know what to expect and helps them relax.
Team and Action Photos
Just like it takes a village to raise a child it takes a team to run your office and take care of patients. Team photos put a face to the names of your team for patients while action photos show you and your team at work.
360 Tour Photos
Similar to a video tour a 360 photo tour displays your office to potential patients. 360 photos however, are placed on your Google Maps listing (which as we all know is how we get anywhere) and contributes to the quality of that listing (just one factor in local SEO strategy).
Service Deliverables
If engaged, I'll work closely with Christa to ensure that all deliverables meet your needs to completion of the project.
  • Est. Length: 1.5-2 minutes
  • Resolution: 1080 (best for mobile and web display)
  • Editing:
    • Color correction
    • Sound balancing of voice overs
    • Logo title cards
    • Added branded-background music
  • Up to 2 rounds of revision
  • Delivered via download over Google Drive
    • 35-40 edited photos
    • Raw format for large banners
    • JPG for web
    • Final photos selected by Christa/client
    • Delivered via download over Google Drive
    360 Photos
    • 6 - edited photos and posted to Google Maps listing with rights transferred to company email account.
    • Delivered via download over Google Drive
    Services Quotes
    The breakdown.
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