Studio de Cave

The beginning of Studio Cave, a place for creatives in San Antonio, TX
Studio Cave
While only about 50% complete, we had our inaugural photo shoot in the new studio this past weekend with promising results. Once complete it'll be sporting some 18-24 overhead lights with additional floor lights to provide maximum control over lighting (and eliminating those dang shadows) but even with the current natural light from the windows as the sun set and the LED floor lights we rented from Camera Exchange, we had a great first run.
branding photos in San Antonio at studio de cave
professional branding photos in studio de cave in san antonio
professional branding photos in studio de cave in san antonio
With the newly painted white walls, white trim, and new laminate floor, it's finally coming together into a space that we're excited to both use ourselves and share with the rest of the creative community in San Antonio.
Our goal is to make it a flexible space for creators of all kinds to have available for photography sessions, recording videos and courses, podcasting and even holding live seminars. And with nearly 400 square feet to work with, it's got the space for all of it.
Now all that's left is to finish installing the trim, installing the lights, adding some prop furniture, floor lights, and perhaps a cooler with some fresh beverages to help stay hydrated for those shoots that take longer than expected (which is most of them).
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Photo credits: Alix Cave
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